Zarin Automatic Radiative Barbecue

Mehr Tabesh Stila with 40 years of experience, manufactures variety of industrial kitchen equipment such as Zarin Automatic Radiative Barbecue, pizza rail oven, 1p rice rail oven, domestic radiative barbecue, automatic skewer/maker machine, hexagonal skewer washing machine, two basket fryer, and 12 skewer radiative barbecue under the brand name Tabesh Stila in Iran.

Zarin Automatic Radiative Barbecue
Zarin Automatic Radiative Barbecue
Zarin Automatic Radiative Barbecue

The introduction of product:

Zarin Automatic Radiative Barbecue is result of 40 years of experience and effort of managers of Tabesh Stila company. Radiative barbecue has been invented and designed by this company for the first time. After getting patent certificate and admission of medical science university, so we started mass production.

specification of Zarin Automatic Radiative Barbecue

Name: Zarin Automatic Radiative Barbecue
Producer: Mehr Tabesh Stila

Product qualification:

1.quick cooking
3.cook all kinds of kebab

Zarin Automatic Radiative Barbecue

The features of zarrin radiative barbecue

1.Cook all kinds of kebab.
2.Cooking kebab completely and juicy.
3.Smokeless and healthy cook.
4.Easy to place kebab skewers for cooking.
5.Possibility of changing and moving the kebab skewers before entering to cooking stage.
6.Minimum gas consumption and maximum use of energy.
7.Easy to use for operator.
8.Reasonable price.
9. With national standard mark.

Zarin Automatic Radiative Barbecue

Checking and criticizing product

Zarrin radiative barbecue has been designed and produced by Mehr Tabesh Stila for the first time and has been sent to the industrial kitchen market. Tabesh Stila has ability to build wide zarrin for kebab with different dimension.

Guaranty and after sales service of zarrin radiative barbecue

Due to use of good tools and facilities with high quality, zarrin radiative barbecue has 1 year guaranty and 10 years after sales service.

Installation and setting up of zarrin radiative barbecue

Installation and setting up of zarrin radiatuve barbecue will be done by our technicians all over the country.

Zarin Automatic Radiative Barbecue

Technical specifications and dimensions of zarrin radiative barbecue:

•Cooking kebab completely and juicy.
•Healthy and smokeless cook.
•Rapid cooking.
•Minimum gas consumption.
•Easy to work with zarrin radiative barbecue for beginners.
•Keep the operator of radiative barbecue healthy.
•High quality.
•Possibility to count kebab skewers.
•Appropriate for hotel, hospital, restaurant etc.