Mehr Tabesh Stila about-us

Tabesh Stila is one of the top export company in Markazi province in Iran. Mehr Tabesh Stila is the inventor and producer of industrial kitchen equipment in Iran.This company exports its products to other countries and it didn’t happen except with modifying and developing our products with reasonable price.This company is going to launched all of its products with 1year guaranty, real 10 years after sales service, and reasonable price.

For the first time in Iran radiative barbecue was invented and designed by karbalaee brothers and after getting patent certificate and admission of medical science university, they started mass production.

It’s been a few years since the first radiative barbecue was invented. Tabesh Steela has produced 20 types of radiative barbecue such as automatic radiative barbecue, pizza rail oven, 1p rice rail oven, domestic radiative barbecue, automatic skewer/maker machine, hexagonal skewer washing machine, two basket fryer, and 12 skewer radiative barbecue

Radiative barbecue production in Mehr Tabesh Stila

We believe independent restaurants occupy a distinctive position in the world of business. They are visible, important and integral parts of the communities they serve. Unlike their chain counterparts, people often have a personal connection to one or more of their home grown restaurants. Independents have a local identity and are often one of the most tangible representations of an area’s heritage, history and unique character.

While we recognize the risks, workload and challenges inherent in starting a restaurant, we believe there are proven insights and practices that can dramatically improve a restaurant’s odds of success. This is what and Mehr tabesh Estila is all about – dramatically improving your chances of real, sustainable restaurant and business success.

How can you buy our products?

You can call the phone numbers have been provided on the site to order Mehr Tabesh Stila products. All of the products which produce in company have 1year guaranty, permission of health ministry, national standard, and 10 years after sales service.