Tabesh Estila 1P Rice Rail-Oven

Tabesh Estila 1P Rice Rail-Oven

1P Rice Rail-Oven is one of the most usable product in industrial kitchen. This product has been designed and produced by Mehr Tabesh Estila company with using hot air circulation and has been sent to industrial kitchen market.
Mehr Tabesh Estila with 40 years of experience, manufactures variety of industrial kitchen equipment such as radiative barbecue, pizza rail oven, 1p rice rail oven, domestic radiative barbecue, automatic skewer/maker machine, hexagonal skewer washing machine, two basket fryer, and 12 skewer radiative barbecue under the brand name Tabesh Estila in Iran.

The specification of 1p rice rail oven

Name: 1p rice rail oven

Producer: Mehr Tabesh Estila

Qualifications of product:

Cooking 1P rice.
3lines capacity.
Use of radiative heater technology.
Capability of utilizing 12v battery.

Tabesh Estila 1P Rice Rail-Oven
Tabesh Estila 1P Rice Rail-Oven
Tabesh Estila 1P Rice Rail-Oven

The advantages of 1p rice rail oven

Possibility to cook 1p rice by changing the speed of conveyer and the temperature of 1P Rice Rail-Oven.
Possibility to change the temperature from 190 c0 up to 500 c0 and the speed of conveyor from 31.5 cm/min up to 3 cm/min.
Utilizing of unique technology and radiative heater which cause to increase the speed of temperature transition to food and as result make cooking time short.
The capacity of cooking 150 numbers of 1p rice in 1 hour (3 lines).
Equipped with flexible, washable, heat resistant, and stainless steel. Inner and outer of 1p rice rail oven has been built with stainless steel.

Tabesh Estila 1P Rice Rail-Oven

Technical specification of product

• Make radiative heater to hot temperature.
• Cooking food in hygiene condition.
• Minimum gas consumption and high efficiency.
• Tools available and easy to repair.
• Reasonable price and high quality.
• Easy to access to control panel by ergonomic design.
• Ability to cook all kinds of rice.

Tabesh Estila 1P Rice Rail-Oven

The system has been used in 1p rice rail oven

The thermal recycling system has been used for heat attraction and cooling the body of 1P Rice Rail-Oven oven and reusing of heated air to supplying burner air.
This system has increased combustion efficiency and no longer requires to polluted insulator in the body of the device.

Tabesh Estila 1P Rice Rail-Oven

Body designing and control panel

• Control panel has been designed beautiful and ergonomic. This control panel is responsible for pilot protection by ion rod, controlling the temperature of oven, speed and changing direction of conveyer by electronic processors.
• The thermal power of 1p rice rail oven is 3500 kcal/h and the gas consumption is 3.7m3/h.
• 1p rice rail oven has 2000, 1000, 1200, mm dimensions and two moveable wheels and two fixed wheels.