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Introduction of Radiative Barbecue – Using of Radiative Barbecue

Using of radiative barbecue
Large industrial barbecues are used in these center to save time and gas. The use of industrial barbecues has made the services of these restaurants much better and quality of their service higher. Use of radiative barbecues cause the kebab cooking process easier and better.

Barbecues have evolved over time. The use of charcoal barbecues has become obsolete in restaurant due to the smoke. Also, due to the lack of proper hygiene, the use of charcoal barbecues is not allowed any more. After this ban, the use of barbecues that work with flame and gas become very popular but dripping kebab oil and fat on the fire and creating an unpleasant odor has caused the huge and commercial restaurants not to use of them anymore. That’s why restaurants have been looking for something replace instead of old barbecues. These day using of radiative barbecues cause those problems never happen again. kebabs are made without direct flame with using radiant technology.

Mehr Tabesh Stila is the inventor and producer of industrial kitchen equipment in Iran

We have plan to become one of the most famous and reputable industrial kitchen equipment based on developing and improving our products constantly. Mehr Tabesh Stila proudly manufacture variety of automatic radiative barbecue, rail radiative barbecue, salamander barbecue, domestic radiative barbecue, hexagonal skewer washing machine, two baskets fryer, pizza rail oven, 1p rice rail oven, automatic kebab skewer maker machine, and industrial kitchen equipment under the brand name Tabesh Stila.

Radiative Barbecues

Our mission

  • Improving the hygiene of society and food.
  • Increasing the safety of the products.
  • Decreasing pollution.
  • Significant decreasing of energy consumption.
  • Leader of the producing and developing radiative equipment for industrial kitchen.
  • Attract client satisfaction of the products quality.

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